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About me

Portrait and Self-portrait Photographer


Aimee (Louise) Somerville is a photographer who explores gender and beauty standards throughout her self portrait projects. She has had been featured in an exhibition in Belfast Exposed Gallery along with her fellow classmates in 2019 titled 'The Collective'. She also uses gender expression within her portraits showcasing the normality of men wearing makeup. 


Aimee's most recent project is called "Masks". It is about the various masks individuals put on, these range from actual masks to how she uses makeup as a mask. 

"When I think of the word ‘mask’ I visualise it as something to cover up, or to hide behind. I myself often use makeup as my form of mask, whilst others may mask themselves with their clothing or their hair to shield their identity from other people. The reason I would consider makeup as a mask, is because when I wear makeup I feel empowered and my self-esteem is boosted, and I get an increase in my confidence."

- Aimee Somerville (2020)



Belfast Exposed Gallery - 'The Collective' (2019)


Phone: 07541444842

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